Should You Fly By Private Helicopter? An Alternative Way to Get Around Your City

  • Published on March 11, 2019

Should You Fly By Private Helicopter? An Alternative Way to Get Around Your City

Private Helicopter

Flying by private helicopter is a serious game changer for VIPs, city commuters, and recreational adventurers. Primarily known for their use by news stations and hospitals, helicopters can be lithe people-movers for celebrities and executives. As helicopters become the vehicle of choice for luxury travel, companies such as Bell and Sikorsky are creating luxury helicopters to offer unique amenities to passengers.

Private helicopter cabin designs prioritize comfort, reduced noise levels, and lower levels of vibration. While most working helicopters require passengers to wear noise-canceling headsets, luxury helicopters allow passengers to relax and converse headset free. Some helicopters offer access to smart technology, allowing the passenger to control entertainment, temperature, lights, and electrochromic window features.

There is an abundance of reasons to fly by private helicopter. Passengers will be offered unique views of a favorite city and quick trips to nearby attractions. Some flyers choose a private helicopter to ensure timely arrival to an important event. Passengers primarily choose private helicopter travel for either an easier commute or recreational purposes.

Private Helicopter Commute

Since many cities only continue to grow, commutes are lengthening with more bumper-to-bumper traffic. Urban growth has taken some metropoles and vaulted them into the category of the megalopolis. A private helicopter offers the ability to skip heavy car traffic altogether and shorten an otherwise long commute.
Although not an option for everyone, flying by private helicopter is still a viable solution for some. A helicopter can be the perfect vehicle for individuals who want efficient travel and private arrival.


Flying by private helicopter provides the perfect ferry for individuals seeking hard-to-reach locations such as mountain resorts, a private yacht, or a secluded island. Luxury recreation requires individualized service for every step of the experience. A private helicopter also affords the privacy needed for business or very important passengers to leave and arrive at their desired destination.
Another benefit of a private helicopter flight is its ability to land almost anywhere. This allows recreational passengers to land where they want unless there’s a legal stipulation against helicopter landings.

Jet the World Helicopters

At the Jet the World, we highlight the use of two specific helicopters, a Bell 430 and a Sikorsky S-76. These luxury helicopters provide cabin comforts for the extent of every journey.

Bell 430

Travel in luxury with this twin-engine helicopter. This VVIP helicopter boasts a spacious and reduced-noise cabin with comfortable leather seats and an in-flight entertainment system. Whether you fill all six seats or not, this helicopter offers a smooth and timely ride. As an Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) rated helicopter, the Bell 430 provides extra flexibility for poor weather conditions.

Sikorsky S-76

Explore all the possibilities that come with this multi-role and medium-sized utility helicopter. Manufactured by Sikorsky Aircraft, the Sikorsky S-76 is a popular helicopter well known for its versatility. Often used for transporting executives and other important individuals, it is also ideal for search-and-rescue operations, emergency medical services, and other offshore transportation.

Flying by private helicopter is a solution that many individuals have chosen to take advantage of. Helicopters provide a way to avoid pesky car traffic while delivering passengers to their destination in style and luxury. To book your own private helicopter, email with your desired trip details.