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Reasons to Travel to Europe by Private Jet

Travel to Europe by Private Jet Charter
  • Published on April 21, 2016

charter jet rental to europeWith Spring in full swing and Summer on the way you may be thinking of travel plans, but did you know that flying privately overseas could be less expensive? Travelers who typically fly first class to European destinations can benefit from private aviation, especially when making quick, immediate plans. They also benefit from a few luxuries that you can’t receive on commercial flights:

Access to Convenient Airports

With access to all types of runways, long and short, private jets are entitled to fly into more airports than commercial planes. This allows you to land closer to your hotel or event location, which in turn, saves you money, but also time traveling to and from the airport.

No Lines

Flying private allows you to show up to the airport at whatever time you like with the additional benefit of not standing in lines as you check bags, or go through security. Lengthy custom lines are avoided once you arrive in Europe, which can save you hours. Time is money; don’t waste it standing in lines.

Health and Safety

Airports and commercial airplanes are full of germs. From tray tables and seats, to public restrooms and the bathroom on the planes, you are at a higher risk of contracting a virus from the public facilities you come into contact before you board, as well as the 200 international passengers on your flight. Flying private allows you to reduce your risk of contracting a virus and gives you more control over your flight environment.

Private Wi-Fi

When you fly commercially, you’re at the mercy of public networks in the airport and on board your flight. A benefit of flying on a private jet is a secured, private Wi-Fi network and a slim-to-none chance of your information being stolen.

Private is Private

Flying private is just that – private and confidential. As the lead passenger, you choose the people who are on board with you. You can kick back and relax or hold an entire business meeting while traveling to your destination. Your jet is your jet for your flight with no strangers.

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