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Organ transplants may be rare, but for those in need of a new organ, the process is a top priority. The inability to receive an organ in time for those facing cancer, organ failure, critical injury, or any other issues that cannot be remedied by medicine alone can mean continued costly treatments, further illness, or, in some cases, death.

If you are considering an organ donation or are on the list for donation and waiting eagerly, access to reliable transportation can mean everything. Trust Jet the World’s private jet charter services to get you where you need to go, anywhere in the world.

The challenges of organ donation

Organ donation refers to the process of transferring one person’s organs into the body of another. While this can be done while both parties are alive (kidney donations, for example, can be completed with a willing live donor, as humans can live a healthy life with just one kidney), many cases of donation require the availability of a deceased donor. As organs must be harvested within hours of the time of death, time is always of the essence in these cases.

Unfortunately, organ donation is often plagued with red tape. Waitlists are long, donor lists are short, and, in some instances, patients must follow extremely restrictive policies to even be permitted to receive an organ. Furthermore, the U.S. is an opt-in nation rather than one that allows citizens to opt-out, creating a shortage of eligible donors. As bodily autonomy is maintained after death, organs cannot be harvested from anyone who did not give approval prior to passing away.

As such, the organ market is extremely competitive, and transportation only makes the situation even more serious. In some cases, an available organ cannot be used because there is no transport to move an organ from one city to another in time. This results in a wasted organ and a patient who doesn’t get the help they need.

How chartered jets can help

If you or someone you love is seeking a donor organ, access to reliable transportation is extremely important. Instead of putting your life in the hands of a medevac team, let Jet the World’s global chartered jet service ensure you get the help you need.

When an organ is available (whether an organ must be flown to a patient or you’re a healthy individual choosing to donate an organ), Jet the World can be at your beck and call, arranging for air transportation, sometimes in as little as one to two hours, to transport a patient or organ anywhere in the world. For organ transport flights we will arrange charter services only with an operator that is properly trained in certified for organi transport. No matter the organ in question or your unique circumstances, we will do all we can to make the process goes smoothly.

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