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Challenger 604

The Challenger 604 is a newer version of the 601 design, incorporating more advanced GE CF34-3B engines; increased fuel capacity, including saddle tanks in the rear of the aircraft; new undercarriage for a higher takeoff and landing weight; structural improvements to wings and tail; and a new Rockwell Collins ProLine 4 avionics system. A lot of power can be found in the Challenger 604. With eight passengers, the 604 can fly 3,850 miles, and at .74 Mach. Like the Challenger 601-3A, the aircraft consists of a glass cockpit: the Collins Pro Line 4. Six screens (7.25 inches) show left and right primary flight displays, multifunction displays and EICAS.

Seats 9
Interior Height 6’1”
Interior Width 8’2”
Luggage Capacity 115 Interior Cubic Feet
  • Heavy Jets