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Flying In Style: Our Airplane Profiles | 7 Private Aircraft to Take for a Spin

  • Published on February 24, 2019

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7 Private Aircraft to Take for a Spin | Flying In Style: Our Airplane Profiles


Jet the World is all about aircraft that combine luxury with speed and efficiency. We provide a number of options to fit the needs of every client; whether a recreational trip or a business commute, we are here to get you to where you need to go. To get you started, we’ve highlighted 7 premium aircraft to pick from for your next trip around the world. Want to see all of our options? Be sure to check out the entire catalog of available jets under the Aircraft tab in the menu.


Legacy 600

Seats: 14
Interior: 6’ by 6’11”
Luggage: 286 cubic feet

The Legacy 600 is a private business jet stemming from the Embraer business aircraft line that offers passengers plenty of room to move through the cabin. With 42 feet of space, the Legacy 600 accommodates business meetings or an in-flight dinner party. This heavy jet can fly from Miami to Seattle without refueling, offering both efficiency and power. Moreover, this private aircraft has an extensive drag reduction program, meaning less fuel consumption, higher speeds, and better endurance.


Gulfstream 450

Seats: 16
Interior: 6’2” by 7’4”
Luggage: 169 interior cubic feet

The Gulfstream 450 allows passengers to fly privately in comfort and luxury from one continent to another. The large cabin flaunts a full-service galley and every trip includes a flight attendant to ensure the comfort and safety of passengers aboard. Depending on the number of people onboard and accompanying luggage, the Gulfstream 450 can fly nonstop from New York to Brazil or from Singapore to Dubai.


Challenger 601

Seats: 8
Interior: 6’1” by 8’2”
Luggage: 115 interior cubic feet

The Challenger 601, originally designed by Bombardier, prioritizes comfort. Unusually wide, the giant cabin can easily carry nineteen passengers. Despite its size, the Challenger 601 has transcontinental range, flying nonstop between almost any two U.S. cities. A Challenger 601 provides a forward galley, a four-chair club section, and a conference area. Due to the width of the cabin, passengers can easily move around, offering plenty of space for everyone aboard.


Citation Sovereign

Seats: 9
Interior: 5’8” by 5’6”
Luggage: 35 internal cubic feet, 100 external cubic feet

The Citation Sovereign, Cessna’s version of a business jet, is a private aircraft that focuses on comfort, performance, and efficiency. With its coast-to-coast flight abilities, this sleek airplane has the endurance of a larger jet while being able to take off in under 4,000 feet and reaching the speed of .75 Mach. With its 24-foot-long cabin, passengers have plenty of space to enjoy double-club seating and a full refreshment center.


Hawker 4000

Seats: 12
Interior: 6’ by 6’6”
Luggage: 114 cubic feet

The Hawker 4000 combines immaculate engineering with the cleanest design details, ensuring a smooth flight with the least amount of exterior noise. Its speed, efficiency, and responsiveness matched with its long range and powerful cruise speed makes it the best private jet for quality performance. The large cabin provides plenty of space for passengers to move around and offers a large range of entertainment options to enjoy while onboard.


LearJet 60

Seats: 8
Interior: 5’9” by 5’11”
Luggage: internal 24 cubic feet and external 24 cubic feet

The Learjet 60 flaunts its power by out-climbing any mid-sized jet by 6,000 feet or more per minute. Its power stems from a pair of Pratt & Whitney of Canada PWC305A engines, each providing an extra 4,600 pounds of thrust. While it’s fast and strong, the Learjet 60 is a part of the large-cabin 55 series, meaning that it offers more space to passengers than other jets of its class. While the Learjet 60 is still confined by earth’s general rules, this jet will get you faster toward your destination than any other mid-sized plane.


Phenom 300

Seats: 7
Interior: 4’11” by 5’1”
Luggage: 84 cubic feet

The Phenom 300, developed by the Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer, is a light jet aircraft with a flying range of approximately 1,971 nmi. Despite its compact design, the Phenom 300 offers plenty of amenities, such as a refreshment center and private lavatory. Jet to your next business meeting or recreational activity with style and class!

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