The Classic African Safari

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With Roriston, you will experience the adventure, wildlife, elegance and comfort that are hallmarks of the classic African safari. The deeper value of a Roriston Safari goes well beyond luxurious itineraries and exotic imagery. Absorbing the environment that was the cradle of mankind is an experience that has the power to change you forever. It is a journey that awakens and invigorates one’s very essence where we seek to share our passion and curiosity of the natural world and our place within it.

East African Adventures Await

Roriston can organize a breadth of East African adventures for you – from remote wildlife expeditions and immersive tribal experiences to cutting-edge nature based fitness programs and magical honeymoon tours. We are devoted to making lifelong memories for our guests as we create your home away from home in nature.
Activities catered for include:

  • Horse mounted trail rides into big game country
  • Walking safaris
  • Off road photographic game drives
  • Hunting
  • Hands on bush-craft with indigenous people
  • Helicopter tours
  • Diving at the coast
  • Deep sea and course fishing
  • Relaxing in the sumptuous comfort of the Swahili coast
  • Silently floating over the herds of the savannah in a hot air balloon

With Roriston your East African adventure options are limitless. Roriston Safaris are organized in award-winning, extravagant boutique lodges, adventurous tented camps, and luxurious permanent camps across East Africa including the Maasai Mara, Tsavo, the Serengeti, the Swahili coast and more.

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