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    Flying commercially can be stressful and inconvenient. From the steep ticket prices for a middle seat in the back of the plane to the increasing rate of cancellations, it’s hard to count on a commercial jet to get you where you want to go. But what are the alternatives? Is it easier to drive? Take a train? Give up and stay home? Luckily, with Jet The World, you don’t have to.  As your premier option for canceled commercial flights, we can help you get wherever you need to go, anywhere in the world, without any of the mess, fuss, or headache of rebooking with an airline.


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Challenges of commercial flights

If you often fly commercially, you know how challenging travel can be. From getting to the airport hours early to facing delays and cancellations with little to no explanation, there are few positives about booking through one of the major carriers… enter private flying.

Anything from weather to crew illness can contribute to the cancellation of flights, leaving passengers mostly powerless. Rebooking after a flight cancellation can be extremely expensive and often results in many hours wasted. If you are facing illness, a family emergency, work deadlines, special occasions, or even a sporting event you don’t want to miss, these kinds of hindrances are unacceptable.

Private jets lead the way

Why worry about passengers and crew members when you don’t have to? With Jet The World, a private plane just for you is always a phone call away. Private jets have significant advantages over commercial air travel, including:

- Direct, nonstop flights to destinations of your choosing

- Reduced impact of weather on flight patterns

- Booking on your schedule

A call to Jet The World can help you organize your itinerary anywhere from months to hours in advance, giving you the utmost in convenience and confidence.

What to do if Your flight is cancelled

If your flight gets canceled, Jet The World is here. Our private emergency global jet charter services are just a phone call away. We’re here to help you overcome delayed or canceled flights, bad weather, mechanical issues, and staffing problems.

Often with just one to two hours’ notice, we can arrange a flight on your schedule, securing you a plane and pilot as quickly as possible. When you get in touch, we’ll use our expedited booking process to get you in the air in next to no time.

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