Fly Private
13 Dec

These Economical Private Jets Give You the Most Bang for Your Buck

There is no question that flying private is significantly more convenient than taking a commercial flight, and private flights boast a wealth of comfort options that are just not possible when flying commercial.

The benefits of flying private come at a cost however — private jet flights can be up to 100 times as expensive as a commercial ticket. Commercial airlines are able to spread the cost of operating a plane across all of the passengers on a flight. Private jets have far fewer passengers to shoulder the cost, hence the significantly higher price tag.

With the introduction over time of a new type of smaller private jet designed to carry up to six people on board, flying private has gained more economically-friendly options for travelling private. These VLJs (Very Light Jets) can cost up to one tenth per hour to operate than the more common midsize jet, and are able to access small airports with shorter runways — which opens up over 5,000 airports for business travel in the U.S. alone.

If you travel frequently, flying the VLJ class can be a much more affordable alternative to flying larger aircraft. The South China Morning Post suggests that if you fly over 400 hours a year consistently — about eight hours a week — then buying a plane may be a better option than chartering jets. But whether you plan to buy or are just looking to charter, the price of private jets increases dramatically the larger you go.

Don’t let your travel break the bank, and look at some of your most economical VLJ options:

Embraer Phenom 100

This VSJ is the smallest jet in Embraer’s line, but is one of the largest jets in its class. Six people can fit in its cabin comfortably. The Phenom 100 travels at over 450 miles per hour and has a travel range of nearly 1400 miles. Most jets in this class do not come with a restroom, but the Phenom 100 includes an onboard restroom to ensure that you can travel more comfortably.

This jet has a price tag of $4.5 million, and operates with a cost of $1,152 per hour.

Honda Jet

The Japanese automaker is taking to the skies with this light business class aircraft. Although it took a rocky 10 years for this jet to be certified and come to market, it is now being mass produced by Honda. You will still find yourself on a waiting list if you are looking to purchase one, but this jet is sure to provide efficient and low-cost private travel with speeds above 400 mph and a range approaching 1400 miles.

The price of the jet is $5 million, and the cost per hour of operation is $1,135.

Cessna Citation Mustang

Though this craft is no longer being produced, these jets boast a long range and can fit up to 6 people in its cabin — although this is one of the smallest cabins in its class.

This jet is one of the most affordable with a $1.35 million price tag, and comes with a cost of $1,015 per hour.

Eclipse 550

This jet is a step up from the Eclipse 500 which already offered impressive range and speed. The 550 is one of the most affordable private jets and is operated by a single pilot. What makes this jet special is its incredible fuel economy — it only burns about 50 gallons of fuel per hour in cruise, an outstanding statistic for jet engines. Fuel economy does not impact performance however, as this jet can travel at speeds over 450 mph.

This jet costs about $3 million new and less than $2 million used.

Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet

This is a new model of jet designed to go above and beyond the flight ceiling of this jet class. The Cirrus Vision Jet has a flight ceiling of 28,000 feet, which means you can fly above bad weather. Although this jet is not as fast as others VLJs, but offers affordable comfort and low maintenance with only one jet engine.

The Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet has a price tag of $2 million, and a low cost per hour of $662. This jet can reach speeds of 345 mph and has a range of over 1,250 miles.