Mentally Recharging
16 Jul

Recharge While Flying Private

Many of us lead busy lives. Sometimes, the best option can be to recharge while flying private to your next meeting, evaluation, or presentation. Recharging looks different for everyone. While you may recover best just by cycling through your to-do list without the distractions of the office, you may want to choose to rest by sleeping, taking a yoga class, getting a massage, playing a game of poker, watching a movie, or enjoying live music. 

No matter your style of recharging while flying in your private jet, Jet The World can get you there.

Sleep in Comfort

If you want to sleep while traveling between work or vacation destinations, you should choose a private jet that best accommodates your sleeping comfort. Some private jets are uniquely designed to provide a spacious bed, while others offer chairs that convert into sleeping areas. Be sure to notify your flight coordinator if you plan to sleep during your flight.

Pro Tip: To help prepare your body for sleeping, skip the caffeine. You can also take a sleep aid such as Melatonin or Dramamine. Consult your doctor for the best sleep aid for you.

Practice Yoga

The mind-body connection is an essential one. Taking time to practice yoga, even sky high, can help heighten your focus and relieve body tension. Flow through your favorite simple yoga asana or follow along with a YouTube yoga channel. Of course, in some cases, you may prefer to travel with a yoga teacher to ensure that your practice is catered to your needs between destinations.

Pro Tip: Pack your comfiest yoga clothes that have extra stretch to allow room for your body to move as flying can sometimes result in some swelling.


Another way to recharge and rest while flying is to receive a massage. With an onboard massage therapist for your flight, you can have the knots from stressful meetings and travel worked from your body. Even from the air, these simple acts of self-care can bring major benefits to your life.

Pro Tip: Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and be sure to include enough time to take a nap after the massage.

Play a Game

Unwind from the stress of work with your favorite poker or card game. A welcomed distraction from super busy weeks and hectic schedules, games are also great for providing easy comradery with a dash of competition.

Pro Tip: For poker, hire a dealer to accompany you on your flight for an even better game.


Indulge in your hobbies or learn a new skill while flying! The time between destinations can be a great time to unwind by exploring a new hobby such as painting, drawing, or another art form. We’ll bring a throw cloth so your creativity can get as messy as you want. While any turbulence might add extra spice to your artwork, this time is ideal to promote relaxation and allow your brain a break from the rigors of work.

Pro Tip: Pack a set of clothing, specifically for painting, so you don’t need to be afraid of accidentally getting paint on your good suit.

Meet me at the Movies

Unwind with a favorite movie or television series. Whether you prefer crime shows or comedy, sit back and allow yourself to enjoy. Be sure to let your flight coordinator know ahead of time what your favorite snacks are so you can munch along with your movie or show of choice. 

Pro Tip: Bring noise-canceling headphones so you don’t miss a single word of what you’re watching.

Live Music

Live music can be one of the best ways to relax. Select one of your favorite music genres and allow your flight coordinator to organize the rest. Accompanied destination to destination with live music, you’ll be able to relax or work however you’d like.

Pro Tip: If you're a musician, you can also discuss the craft of creating and performing with the musicians during quieter moments of the flight.
Wherever you want to go, Jet The World can get you there—your way. Use the time between destinations to relax and recharge the way that you need. Schedule your flight today!