Working on the plane
24 Jun

How to Work Between Destinations When Flying Private

A private charter jet makes work between destinations your office away from the office. With every amenity you could want and select passengers, you choose your essential work tools and distractions. Whether you choose a private jet with Wi-Fi or opt for radio silence for the duration of your flight, it’s your rules.

Booking Your Private Charter Jet

  • When choosing the right jet for your travel, depending on if you’re heading to a vacation or an important business meeting, it’s important to take note of your priorities for the trip.
  • Is Wi-Fi imperative or would you be willing to work without access to the internet?
  • Do you want a conference room to work in?
  • Will you be doing video conference meetings while you travel?

Traveling with the Work Essentials

While reading on your phone may be an easy option, it’s not practical for writing up a report or switching quickly between multiple sources of information. Thankfully, not only is a private charter jet prepared for all your device charging needs, but today’s technology offers plenty of options for your work essentials. Bringing your laptop is a no-brainer, but why not try these other tech options?

Tablet and a Keyboard

If you’re traveling light, a tablet outfitted with a keyboard gives you the right amount of flexibility while taking up less space. Some tablets come with a keyboard already or you can opt for a keyboard that doubles as a cover for your tablet.

Noise-Canceling Headphones

While you have control of your surroundings in a private charter jet, noise-canceling headphones can help you focus more on your work. Jam out to your favorite tunes or stick with movie soundtracks. Noise-canceling headphones with a microphone can also be ideal for video conferences.

Extra Power Station

It’s unlikely that you’ll be without an opportunity to charge your device, but nothing is worse than being mid-project and losing power with no charge station nearby. Pack your extra power station or battery to ensure that there’s no stop to your productivity.

Screen Protector

Want to ensure the privacy of your screen from sideways glances? Outfit your device with a screen protector that makes it difficult for people sitting next to you to see and read your screen. This may not be necessary when flying private, but it’s still great for business meetings and other public work areas.

Traveling with a Work Priority List

Working between destinations allows you to prioritize your work in a different way than usual. You may want to intentionally disconnect to work on the backlog of projects that have been a lower priority or work offline on your long unanswered emails.

Rearrange Your Projects

Depending on your travels and your to-do list, you could be pretty productive. But keep in mind the limitations of your travel. You may decide to use the travel time to hammer through projects where you need absolute focus and no interruptions, or you may want to have multiple video meetings from the private jet conference room. If you’re traveling with coworkers, this might be an ideal time for some strategic meetings.

Work Ahead

Flying private means traveling according to your schedule. This means that you won’t have to deal with layovers, long airport waits, or security lines. Although you’ll be facing less planned delays, you should still plan ahead for what needs to get done to stay on deadline for your work projects. Not all work is conducive for flights or drives and you never know what unplanned delays may arise, so you may want to finish an extra project the day before or give yourself a cushion of time for working on something specific.

Traveling by Private Jet and Working

A private jet allows you the space to work how you want! Whether you want a private jet with lounge space or a conference room, it’s your call. Private jets can be outfitted with exactly what you want from technology to food.

Private Charter Conference Room

Many private jets include a conference room that is equipped with smartphone and computer connectivity as well as Wi-Fi access, built-in video systems, surround sound, and more. While you and your team move across the country, plans can be solidified and new strategies settled upon.

Plan the Menu and Timing

On commercial flights, you have very little control over the menu and the timing of the food service. However, when you fly privately, it’s up to you. Choose food that fits your meal plan and allergies or order from your favorite restaurant. Want to eat as soon as you’re in the air or a few hours into the flight? Your wish is the command.

Schedule Your Down Time

Taking advantage of your flight time for work and projects can be ideal, but travel—even the most luxurious travel—takes a toll on the body and mental state. So while you want to be productive, be sure to include time to relax since the altitude and cabin pressure can cause some physical discomfort and tiredness.
As you arrive at your destination, celebrate your productivity! While most people use flights for movie and television binges, your working flight will make your work week much smoother. 

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