03 Jun

How to Travel to 7 Countries in 1 Day

A private charter jet can become your personal sky taxi, transporting you from one country to the next. Whether you have business meetings across Europe or multiple performances to attend, your private charter jet can get you there. The more you need to travel in the same day, the more valuable it is to fly a private jet.

Stopping in seven different countries in one day is a feat of scheduling, but it’s possible. Between destinations, you’ll have plenty of time to recharge with a nap, catch up on work and entertainment, or eat a catered meal from the comfort of your private jet. Here’s how you can travel to 7 countries in a day. 

Rome, Italy

Start your morning off with an early wake-up call and an Italian cappuccino, espresso, or café latte. With stunning views of a city that includes almost 3,000 years of history and art, you’ll be energized for your full day of traveling. Before leaving the country, grab a bottle of Italian wine or balsamic vinegar to take home to mom or save for a special event.

Vienna, Austria 

Settle in for an Austrian coffee (a mélange) with a semmel (bread roll), cold cuts or jam, boiled eggs, muesli (granola) with yogurt. If you have an extra moment, sneak away to see St. Stephen’s Cathedral: the cathedral’s stunning architecture and multi-colored tile roof will take your breath away. Before you leave, grab a bag of Mozartkugel, a round candy with pistachio marzipan and nougat that’s covered in dark chocolate. You can eat it all yourself or share it!

Vaduz, Liechtenstein

Stretch your legs with a stroll through the car-free city center of Vaduz while catching glimpses of the Vaduz Castle that sits above the city in the hills. While in this 62-square-mile country, try their classic Käsknöpfle, a hearty dish with a pasta-like dough covered in cheese, sour cheese, and fried onion rings. Once you’ve finished your visit to Liechtenstein, be sure to purchase a box of Valle Dulcis chocolates as a sweet reminder of your visit.

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Another smaller country, Luxembourg boasts an extensive history of having changed hands throughout its history with every nationality leaving a mark on its architecture. The old city and fortress in Luxembourg City is a UNESCO World Heritage site with its founding in 963. For your afternoon pick-me-up, order an Äppelklatzen, a baked apple with cinnamon, sugar, nutmeg that is brushed with lemon juice and cooked in pastry. As you head out of this stunning city, select a high-end watch from either Schroeder or Bijouterie Hoffman to take home with you.

Berlin, Germany 

With over 3,000,000 inhabitants, Berlin is one of the most populous cities in Europe. No matter where you travel within this city, the city’s remarkable history will jump out at you from every building. While you may not have time for a leisurely dinner, definitely consider adding the Lorenz Adlon Esszimmer to your agenda. This upscale restaurant offers the most exquisite eating in all of Berlin. Make sure you purchase some beer to take home to remind you of your time in Germany.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Known for its nightlife and its spring carpet of colorful tulips, Amsterdam has an extensive history alongside its creative startup culture and headquarters for many giant brand name companies. Whether you want quiet dining on a 19th-century boat turned into a charming restaurant or an uproarious time at a burlesque club, Amsterdam has plenty to offer in the evening. As you head back to your private charter jet, be sure to snag a bag of tulip bulbs to plant in your home garden or some gouda cheese for snacking.

London, England

With a history stretching back to Roman times, London flaunts modern architecture alongside its historic parliament building and churches. After such a long day, you might be wanting a comfy bed and some shut-eye, but before you do, hail a cab or hire a limo to drive you through London so you can enjoy some of the famous views through the screen of the dark. The next morning, memorialize your stay in London with the purchase of an English Tea Time gift set.

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