Work Essentials
31 Oct

High Tech Work Essentials for Travel

Business travel may be an essential part of your position, but all of the stress and frustration that comes with your commute should not be. Bringing these high-tech travel gadgets with you will help you work smarter, not harder. Make the most of your business trip and make sure that these high-tech work essentials make it into your briefcase.

This simple organization tool provides a space for everything you need from your phone to chargers to keys to passport to sunglasses. With this handy tool in place, you can easily find any gadget, pen, or item that you need. The system of elastic bands keeps everything secure and easily accessible. This tool is particularly nice if you find yourself going through security and need to reach certain gadgets quickly.

Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

When you’re traveling, you want the security of knowing that you have Wi-Fi connectivity whenever you need it. For your work, you’ll want to be connected constantly in order to field questions, handle negotiations, and get things done. Using the best technology, portable Wi-Fi hotspots work around the world with Wi-Fi carriers within whatever country you’re in to ensure that you receive the internet connection you need. Pay-as-you-go or purchase the plan that fits your travel.

Portable Power Bank

While many airports, public transportation facilities, and restaurants offer outlets, it’s not always a convenient time for you to charge your dying device, especially if you’re on the go. On long travel days, a portable power bank can save your digital tools by ensuring that you can keep your phone, tablet, laptop, and camera charged. Depending on your needs, there’s a portable power bank for you that can either charge all of your devices or serve one in particular. Be sure to check the wattage your device needs before purchasing your power bank.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Your privacy is essential when you’re working on a public Wi-Fi connection. A VPN or virtual private network ensures that your user data is protected as well as important business documents. While some VPNs are free, it’s best to select a paid membership to receive 24/7 support and the best technological advances to protect your privacy wherever you are in the world.

Ultraportable Bluetooth Speaker

A Bluetooth speaker is a must-have for anyone who enjoys unwinding with music, listening to online radio, or watching a tv show via a tablet. A compact Bluetooth speaker offers quality sound as well as an easily packed piece of technology for your downtime. You’ll never want to leave home without it.

Wireless Headphones

On the flip side, noise-canceling wireless headphones are a must-have for travelers. Some headphones even allow the user to adjust the level of noise cancellation. This means you can more fully enjoy your music or quiet your surroundings. Headphones are also great to decrease interaction with other travelers if you’re looking to get work done or just exist in your own world.

Wireless Travel Router

While it’s unlikely that you’ll run into bad Wi-Fi in your hotel, sometimes it’s just better to be prepared. A wireless router can grab a terrible Wi-Fi signal and amplify it so that your laptop, phone, and tablet can get a steady signal. This small device can make a big difference if you’re stuck with awful internet options.

Mobile Page Scanner

While your phone might work for scanning a document, it’s not great for scanning multiple pages with quality. A portable scanner allows your travel office to be fully outfitted for any paperwork you might need to take care of on the go. Usually USB-powered, a mobile page scanner provides the option to scan a paper document and convert it into a variety of formats and save to multiple destinations. Save time and stay organized with a portable page scanner.

Portable Purifier

Take your comfort to the next level by traveling with a portable air purifier to freshen up the air of wherever you spend one night or a few nights. You can even choose an air purifier that comes with custom aromatherapy blends to help you relax in a new environment. Portable air purifiers also have a slight whir as they work that can provide a bit of a noisemaker to help your sleep as well.

Business trips are highly productive times, and having the right technology can ensure that your work is not disrupted. You can always be connected — unless of course you don’t want to be.

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