Private Jet
13 Dec

Five Most Expensive Private Jets

Whether for business or pleasure, don’t compromise when it comes to travel. These top-of-the-line private jets are a match made in heaven for the company or executive with worldwide meetings or a hankering for travel.

Each jet on this list can be configured to maximize travel pleasure or offer unmatched options for relaxation, productivity and fine dining for all of your business travel.

Gulfstream G500, $44 Million

This twin-engine business jet designed by Gulfstream Aerospace offers a large, luxury cabin with up to three living spaces and boasts a long flight range of up to 5,200 NM. The G500 is equipped with what Gulfstream labels “the industry’s most aerodynamically efficient and advanced wing.” For European shoppers, he Savannah, Georgia based manufacturer has recently begun delivering the G500 to Europe. 

With a state-of-the-art communications systems, the G500 was designed to be as functional as your home office with high definition video and audio technology. Large panoramic windows provide an open, bright space while acoustical advancements ensure a quiet cabin. 

This jet is perfect for the productive traveler and is sure to meet the private travel needs of domestic and international business. 

Embraer Lineage 1000E, $53 Million

Advertised as an “ultra-large” business jet, this craft offers comfortable seating for 19, making it the perfect option for transporting groups. This jet’s luxury doesn’t stop at the pricetag, as the jet is detailed with high-end materials and an extensive five-zone cabin with space for fine dining, entertainment, work or just some peaceful rest. 

If you’re planning a long business trip or vacation the Lineage 1000E offers an enormous baggage compartment and although it boasts a high price tag, it has one of the lowest operating costs among ultra-large jets. 

Gulfstream G650ER, $66.5 Million 

Another offering from Gulfstrean, the G650 may be configured to carry anywhere from 11 to 18 passengers and can travel a maximum 7,500 NM. If you are one to travel the world far and wide, this is the jet for you — the 650ER holds the record for the farthest and fastest flight in business aviation history. 

This jet is also equipped with innovative safety technologies, such as their Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS), which helps authorized pilots to land in low-visibility conditions. 

Bombardier Global 7500

This large luxury jet boasts a maximum range of 7,700 NM and can accommodate four true living spaces and a full size kitchen and deep recliner seats. Have a meeting on the go? The Conference Suite configuration offers a table for six and endless fine cuisine potential. 

For travelers plagued by jet lag, this jet is lit with the Soleil lighting system, a circadian-rhythm based lighting system that has been fully integrated into the Global 7500 and offers dynamic daylight simulation. 

Airbus ACJ 319 Neo, $100 Million 

If you are looking for a truly unique, distinctive jet for your travel needs look no further from the Airbus ACJ 319 Neo. Partnering with Atelier Pagani Automobili — the Italian hypercar manufacturers — this jet is equipped with a sky ceiling. 

The Infinito cabin can offer a live view of the sky above the aircraft into the cabin, or display other images. 

The interiors and finishes are fully customizable. Aerodynamic designs ensure more flight efficiency and lower operation costs. Fly-by-wire costs save weight and maintenance, and weight-saving materials such as carbon fibre offer greater protection and reduce maintenance. 

Advanced technology allows passengers to stay connected to what is happening below while working — or relaxing — in a custom luxury space. 

This aircraft is the most expensive on the list for a reason. With no compromise on material, design or features, the ACJ 319 Neo provides a true luxury experience that marries the highest quality in comfort with the latest in transportation technologies.