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5 Reasons to Fly with Private Jets

Private Jet Travel is here to stay
  • Published on December 21, 2018

Flying commercial is an exhausting experience that affects your time, personal space, and well-being. You typically arrive at your destination after many wasted hours spent driving to the airport, waiting in line to check a bag, passing through security, and queuing in line to board your flight. Unless you book a direct flight, travel plans could include a lengthy layover, which means more time spent in the airport, less time at your destination. Comfort on commercial flights is non-existence, and if you’re traveling for business, you’ll pay dearly for WiFi in order to do work onboard. All of this adds up to a long, tiresome, and unproductive day of travel.

Alternatively, flying private saves you time while ensuring solitude and comfort. Here are 4 reasons to consider making the switch to a private jet:

Access To More Airports
In comparison with commercial airlines, private planes can access a greater number of airports. Since these planes are smaller, they can fly in and out of lesser-known airports and more remote places that aren’t equipped to handle giant airliners. This means that you will likely spend less time commuting to catch your private jet and land closer to your destination than if you were to fly commercial. Less time spent on the road equals time and money saved.

Flying private gives you greater control of your schedule. You set the departure time, and the plane won’t take off without you if you’re running late. Since there’s no need to pass through security, you can arrive 30 minutes prior to take-off. The ability to set your own schedule and spend less time at the airport allows you to focus your attention on what really matters; family, friends, and important business.

Increased Storage Space
Eliminate the hassle of checking luggage and adhering to strict luggage limits. Private jets come in all sizes and the larger the plane, the more cargo it can hold. But in general, you’ll be allowed to bring more luggage on your private jet than a commercial flight. You’ll want to check with the crew beforehand about luggage allowance on your specific flight. Better yet, you don’t have to worry about the airlines losing your luggage or being the subject of theft; your bags are guaranteed to arrive safe and sound to your destination since they’re stored onboard the jet.

Saving Time
Skip the long layovers and hurried plane changes, flying private is a leisurely experience. In addition to taking you directly to your destination, private jets are smaller aircrafts and designed to fly at higher altitudes. The typical airliner flies at 35,000 feet, but private jets are built to fly up to 10,000 feet higher, though most cruise at about 41,000 feet. This height advantage in the sky allows them to avoid routes frequently congested with commercial crafts, take advantage of better winds that form higher up in the sky, and maneuver more easily around bad weather. It’s true, too that some private jets fly quicker than commercial planes. All of this adds up to less time spent in the air and more time at your destination. If you need to work during the flight, the privacy allows you to conduct your business discreetly. When you arrive at your destination, you will be refreshed and ready to hit the ground running.

Additional Comforts
On a commercial flight, you are hardly more than a seat number to the airlines. On a private flight, the crew will know you by name and will do everything in their power to make your experience more comfortable, including picking up your favorite food to-go. On a long-haul flight, meals will be served onboard. You can request anything you want to eat, or the crew will get you your favorite to-go foods. In addition, travelers are allowed to carry on their own alcohol, provided that it is served by the crew. Private jets have more legroom than commercial planes and WiFi is complimentary, so you can relax or work in comfort. Animal lovers will also be delighted to learn that pets are allowed onboard, no extra ticket required.

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